Harlan Corporation welcomes you to take advantage of our in-house training. Harlan has identified that in-house training is one of the primary factors to extending the tractor’s life and improving the tractor’s reliability. We feel our customers require trained and/or experienced maintenance personnel to maintain all equipment to OEM specifications.

In-house training is available for both new and existing customers. Harlan Corporation will provide this training at no cost to our customer plus provide hotel accommodations and meals. The only expense to our customer is airfare.

Training at the delivery site is available at a nominal cost to the customer (varies with location).

We offer training on the following:

Steer Axle

  • Parts Inspection
  • Bushel Installation and Reaming
  • Component Sub Assemblies
  • Sub Component Inspections
  • Assembly of the axle
  • Adjustments (toe-in)
  • Final Inspection

Rear Axle Component Inspections

  • Sub Assmeblies
  • Drop Box, Carrier and Hubs along with the Main Housing
  • Measurements and Documentation
  • Final Assembly
  • Test and Acceptance Procedures
  • Final Inspection

Engine and Transmission/Motor

  • Component Inspections
  • Senders and Switch Operations
  • Proper Alignment and Torques
  • Inspection

Dash and Wiring

  • Systems Inspection
  • Dash Wiring
  • Testing and Acceptance

Line Assembly

  • Wire Harness Routing
  • Exhaust Installation
  • Radiator and Cooling System
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Battery and Cable
  • Adjustments
  • Inspections and Acceptance

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