Classic Cargomaster HT
The Cargomaster Model HT is available with the latest tier rated Diesel, Gasoline and LPG engines. The Harlan Classic Model HT is designed for Heavy-duty cargo and baggage applications. It is available in 2 options ranging from 8000 pounds to 10000 pounds in drawbar pull.


The Harlan Classic Cargomaster Model HT is available with the latest tier rated Diesel, Gasoline and LPG engines. This heavy-duty classic model will last for years! It's designed for heavy-duty cargo and for baggage applications.

This unit can also be utilized for pushback of small aircraft (with front hitch option package). Some options include complete cab assembly, heat/defrost, mirrors, beacons, variety of hitches and suspension style seats

Standard Features

  • F-N-R Shifter
  • Keyless anti-restart ignition switch
  • Two LED Headlights and turn signals
  • Combination LED Tail/Stop Lights & Back-up Light
  • Volt meter (or engine fault light)
  • Water Temperature Gauge (or engine fault light)
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge (or engine fault light)
  • Engine Hour Meter
  • Fuel Level Gauge
  • Standard Driver and Passenger seat
  • Retractable Seatbelts
  • Rear Mount E-Hitch (other hitch options available)


Length 115.75" (2941mm)
w/ front & rear hitch: 133.75" (3397.3mm)
Width 66" (1676mm)
Height 61" (1549mm)
w/ Cab 83" (2108mm)
Wheel Base 67.75"(1721mm)
Ground Clearance 7" (1mm)
Drive Axle Heavy-Duty Harlan - 8200 lbs (3719 kg) Load Capacity
Steer Axle Heavy-Duty Harlan with 1 1/8" Kingpin
Suspension Front: Leaf Spring
Rear:Leaf Springs
Service Brakes Hydraulic/Hydraulic, dual rear disc with optional front brakes
Towing Coupler Three-tier Hitch with 1 3/4" pin(other options available)
Tires Front: 6.50 x 10
Engine Latest Model US/Euro Emission Diesel, Gasoline, LPG
Transmission Automatic Industrial
Electrical 12V System
Steering System Hydrostatic
Cooling Liquid cooled radiator with integrated transmission cooler
Park Brake Mechanical Drum, lever activated

Drawbar Pull

HT80 HT100
Drawbar Pull 8000 lbs. (35.6 kN) 10000 lbs. (44.5 kN)

Line Drawings

Cargomaster HT PDF

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